E A N N E  R I C K E T T S

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"The fact that artists are now minted by universities (and degree-granting art schools modeled on the university) may have done wonders for their social standing, but it’s also been a source of worry to many critics and artists, who think something of great value might be lost by the proffessionalization of the artist." - 

Barry Schwabsky on HYPERALLERGIC


JEANNE RICKETTS is an entrepreneurial artist and muralist known since the year 2000 via her earliest traces in  chapel murals in the south of france, after which over  sixty murals and art pieces where commissioned across Europe, Asia, the middle east and the US..

Her first canvases were isolated themes which later fitted in the puzzle of a series of roughly 150 small to large-scale paintings. not purely abstract, yet fully intuitive, her paintings suggest a tartan of poetic landscapes, softly intertwined and blurred. her creative proceedings often incubate in mixed-media over-drawn and painted photographs which define her enigmatic series and the charisma of soul, the soul of countries and of anything alive, telling a story of compassion via inner locutions.

from 2010-2014, her series on ocean-skies merged with a cutting-edge concept which enabled to develop her "architectural metamorphosis" in all of her collaborations as conceptual muralist within a team, with a scope to redefine high-end luxury as vector for a philanthropic lifestyle.

Jeanne Ricketts is born in Paris in the 70s into a lineage of transcultural artists, poets (Rudyard Kipling), movie-makers and musicians. her grandmother was a pianist and soloist of Aberdeen's orchestral society, which from a young age sealed Jeanne's inter-generational affinities she embodies in all of her creations as CEO of SWAYSCAPES, based in London.

Ricketts graduated in Arts & Fashion (1994) from the HKW in Baden-Württemberg,(D) and returned regularly in the region to her Uncle's estate to paint in one of their Towers in Jettingen’s Castle, birth place and home of Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg. This anchored SWAY’s values to use her Art as vector for Ethics, Healing and Freedom.

It was on the Island of Rhodes (GR) where she joined her fiancé in 1995, that she initiated her autodidactic mural-collaborations with international architects, whilst studying byzantine iconography under Eva Vlavianos. The byzantine sacredness marked her main influence in her calligraphic style today. - 

In 1996 Ricketts graduated with awards from Europe’s most renowned Murals and Decorative Arts Masters at the time, Yannick Guégan, whom’s Studio for 15 exclusive students was by the ocean in Brittany (F). When ricketts painted her very first large-scale “OceanSky”, all students stopped to watch her paint in awe, which made her Master furious. Ricketts realized from an early age that she didn’t “fit in”. Her dyslexic, non-conformal, yet strong discernment and intuitive overflowing visionary mind, did not fit in any academic competitive-driven Art-programs. Knowing that her style and rhythm couldn't be taught nor trained by anyone, She knew that her art is a lifetime birth of an inner museum that needs to be born from within, leaving a trace on the  edge of a virgin landscapes.

From 1999 Ricketts assisted and painted exclusively on a regular basis at "Castel Caramel" (F) with surrealist Ernst Fuchs, who at times worked with Dali and Hundertwasser. Their daily lunch-breaks exposed her to the culture scene which is when she met RAZZIA, the official LVMH poster-artist, whom she dated for a while for their common art-passion for vintage & the dolce vita style.

From the year 2000, Jeanne ricketts' most intuitive works unfolded and accepted the proposal of her Mayor of the South of France commissioning her to create murals in the vault of St Louis Chapel built in 1646 in the hamlet of La doire de séranon, (Nice) off the famous "Route Napoléon, . "Heavenly kingdom, earthly kingdom" is the title she gave to a 5 x 7,70m mural she painted during six months of hermitage in multiple layers of shades of colors, providing a sensation of Deep Peace between the "two kingdoms". This masterpiece was notably interviewed fifteen years later by Dr. Philipp Romero from NYC, Founder of the Smart Peace Prize, in may 2015, he also interviewed Warhol and other established artists and scientists, in the pursuit of brain studies ; building a theory on proving how Art can bring resilience and peace at all times . The strong media impact of her chapel murals in the region triggered further private murals and art commissions in the area, across Europe, Asia, the middle east and the states like the Almanach de Gotha Coat of Arms, commissioned by John Kennedy, London, UK;  murals for Pierre Cardin's MAXIM'S Monte Carlo (2000), 1.st "SWAY" poster (2005)  for Dr. Bernard Massini, président des amis de la MAMAC museum, Nice - The Carmelite Chapel, "Venite Ad Me", interior mural in the South of France patronized by Franca Lowen from Ocean Energy SAM. , Greenergy series (2010),, for the First Energy Bank, in Bahrain , "Bosphorus Bridge" (2009) for, Société Générale, series of watercolors for the French Embassy in Monaco and the Grimaldi Coat of Arms painted for H.S.H. Prince Rainier III, 50th year of reign, MC 

Private collections to name a few are : 

"Highland cows series (2008) at Louis Cane, Founder of the Movement Supports/Surfaces in 1998, Paris  /// "Merging Souls (2005) at the Claude Grunitzky collection (NYC), the Al Fayed Family (UK),, Eberhard Duke of Württemberg,(D), Princess Giovanna d'Orléans Bourbons at Castello di San Martino Alfieri, Turin, Italy // Franco and Sumyo Cremante, Varese (Italy), /// Platon G. Sagredos, (CH) /// Masoud Abdelhafid family, (Lybia) /// Stella del Monaco, (Switzerland), "portrait" (2004) Demosthenes Canakis (NYC) /// Family Henckel von Donnersmark, (Germany) /// Alexander Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe at Bückeburg Castle (Germany) /// the Metternich  at Jettingen's Castle. // Savino Formentini, Milano, F /// "Happily Ever After" (1999) from Stephanie & Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, NYC, USA // Merging Souls (2008) Samir Hamadeh, Amman /// Indian Water Lillies (2008), Vertige (2007) and more... at Mushtaq Malik, collection, London, UK /// "Mother & Son" (2007) Rafat Dabir Siaghy, Palma de Majorca, /// Snake legs (2006) at von Weichs , Münich, (Germany) /// Candle lights ( 2012) at the von Weichs, Haus Wenne, (Germany)

Her distinct singular style in semi-abstract expressionism across her body of works and murals, are the reflection of the atmosphere she absorbed in her various living destinations close to seashores, oceans, lakes, ponds and rivers. her most striking atelier so far was literally on the French "Mala Beach" in Cap D’ail,  at "Villa Solitude", Former villa of Romy Schneider & Alain Delon, where the waves where almost beating up against her bedroom walls.

beyond an almost asian calligraphic style of oceanSkies, SWAY transmits a  metaphysical dimension in synchronicity with our times. her  works are driven by inner locutions which may unfold as to how we relate to another from holistic perspectives . her mural perspectives (matter) shaped her inner perspectives (spirit), this makes her creations coexist as a holistic metamorphosis for architectural charisma.

her entrepreneurial, risk-taking art-ventures with architects, designers, art-collectors and governments , she had no time for the more traditional galleries and Biennales agenda, however between 2005 & 2010 she co-curated with the Iranian owned aminiart gallery she was even engaged to. during those years, Her art sold amongst pieces of Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, Arman, Yves Klein, Sosno, Cesar, Louis Cane, Ben, Gilles Miquelis, Dariush, to name a few... from then on, friends who owned art foundations, as well as gallerists, encouraged her to continue her off-gridd purpose-driven, initial, solo-path as entrepreneurial artist.

from 2007 she regularly painted in Germany to deepen her art purpose at her uncle's estate, in one of the towers of Jettingen’s Castle, birth place and home of Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg. This inevitably anchored SWAY’s call in painting salvational and conscious awakening themes. 

SWAY was awarded in Paris for "Arts and World Culture" at UNESCO in September 2015, for her holistic portrait of Iraq  pre-announcing the unfolding of what became the Arab Spring in her speech on "Genocide, Art and Peace" held at the occasion of the Centenary of the Armenian Genocide, hosted by a Scientific Organisation of Mount Ararat. She was re-invited a year later In September 2016 to hold a conference on the meaning behind her holistic family portrait entitled : “our eldest Brother Iraq & Sister Syria”  at United Nations in Geneva.

Her autobiographical short-film "Trapped in Freedom" filmed on the 12.12.12. by Franz Fox Kennedy reveals what drives SWAY via her metaphysical art experiences : Her almost aboriginal, wild, mixed-media "swayscapes" and holistic street-art,, poetry, cross-dissolved layers of diluted inks, painted over depleted photographs and drawings, as seen in various small to large-scale works, she cuts through, reflect the duality of our times and have set into motion her ethereal canvases and murals 

Sway performs Live worldwide on commission, mainly for holistic, transcultural and conscious awakening humanitarian purposes in partnership with international art patrons believing in innovation & Corporate Social Responsibility.-

Dr. Jur. Holger Sprengel

CEO & Founder of ESPRONCEDA Center for Art & Culture, Barcelona.




U.M.A.M. 2007

Biennale de l'Union Méditerranéenne pour l'Art Moderne, hosted by Gallerie Ferrero, Nice, F

I N S T I T U T I O N S 

Musée Palais CarnolèsMenton, F

Winter 2004

United Nations, Geneva, CH



SEPT 2016



September 2015  

Awarded Winner of the International Competition of "Arts

and World culture" for development of the author's innovation method of the Art Therapy Program via the International University of

Fundamental Studies (Moscow, Russia)

May 1997 
Graduated with awards
in Decorative Arts & Murals

Biennale de l'Union Méditerranéenne pour l'Art Moderne, hosted by Gallerie Ferrero, Nice, F


2017 - 2019 

represented artist of ESPRONCEDA

center for Art & culture, Barcelona

Fall 2010 

Last Show prior closure at AMINIART, Monte Carlo,  with Arman, Louis Cane, Nicole Cane, César, Hans Hartung, Yves Klein, Gilles Miquelis, Jeanne Ricketts, Mimmo Rotella, Andy Warhol.

Spring 2010 

ART-AFFAIR Carlton Intercontinental Art fair, Cannes,

Summer 2009 

S.O.S (Save Our Souls) - acquired sculpture by Prince Albert II during Sotheby's auction in Monaco. 

Spring 2007 

U.M.A.M. Biennale de l'Union Méditerranéenne pour l'Art Moderne, hosted by Gallerie Ferrero, Nice, F

Summer 2005

Group Exhibition curated by Marco bianco, Ceo of 'in Camera gallery', pietra Santa, Italy 

Winter 2004 

ACID - group exhibition on the theme of the Lemon, curated by Hugues de la Touche, Musée Carnoles, Menton, F 


JANUARY - open end 2017


private view at former Romy Schneider's, Villa Solitude Mala Beach, Cap D'ail, France

April 16th 2016


- Private View at "Villa Solitude", 


Mala Beach, Cap D’ail, France

April 14th - July 30th 2015


retrospective of 45 pieces at the Château de Taulane with a reprojection of her shortfilm « Trapped in Freedom » onto her mural in the Chapel of la Doire de Séranon - France

May 2014


exhibited by Galerie Montaigne

Summer 2012


Live performance in a private gallery in Berlin

Summer 2011


Retrospective '01 - '11, On Port Hercules, MC

Fall 2008


First series, Galerie Aminiart, MC

Summer 2007


Chapel Sancta Maria di Oliva, Beaulieu

May 2005


- east / west Recent works exhibited by Galerie Aminiart, MC



September 3rd 2019 

Live Art show on Geneva's ile Rousseau opposite the Four Season's hotel hosted by Monada.ch

January 2013 - now 

TRAPPED IN FREEDOM is an auto-portrayal 13 min short-film on what drives a transcultural pilgrim artist, reflecting relevant truths about the universal puzzle of our unity. Written, performed and produced from the 12.12.12. till now, with all paintings by Jeanne Ricketts. Filmed and Edited in Paris by Franz Fox Kennedy (FFK). in June 2015 it was reedited and filmed by Thierry Chabaud whilst reprojected onto her 1st Chapel mural in La Doire. Music by courtesy of FFK and John Wentz. Reviewed by Claude Grunitzky.

2013 - 2019 

Founding of Jeanne Ricketts' SWAY®, serving as an entrepreneurial Brand to safeguard luxurious and sustainable art projects and collaborations. 

April 2016 

Trapped in Freedom II 

filmed at rommy Schneider's villa Solitude 

by Franz Fox Kennedy

Plage Mala, Cap D’ail

Dec 19th - Jan 19th 2016


Mektub is Written in the Sea (Seasoul-series) live art performance in Monte Carlo, Park Palace Galleries Composed of two series of 2.44 x 4,80 meters. Acrylics on 8 wooden billboards extracted of the former 80 linear meters original wave, painted over 3 nights in July 2014.

Winter 2012-2015 

ARTPILGRIMS Jeanne Ricketts' art movement initiative filmed, edited, co-written and produced with the help of the Artpilgrims.

Sept-Nov. 2014 

THE RENEWAL HEDGE - a 12m LIVE STREET ART PERFORMANCE ON A Billboard on the Rock of Monaco. "VEG'ANIMAL-HUMA'ELEMENTS. 4 Natures United 4 Life."

July 2014 


Spring 2003-2012 

SURRENDER - egg tempera triptych having served for a 300m2 chapel project.

Winter 2011 

ADAMO ED EVA - Privately commissioned project

Winter 2008 


private initiative and tribute to the arab spring

Spring 2010 

GREENERGY series on wind power & electric pillars, privately commissioned project. First Energy Bank Collection, Bahrain

Nov 4th 2008 

MAHATMA (great soul) - representing a sketch of GANDHI, LUTHER KING, MANDELA & OBAMA , STARS'N'BARS (MC) during the US Elections

Easter 2008 

VIA CARDIA a 120 x 160 modern Icon of the Via Crucis, Byzantine technique, inaugurated by the Mayor of Seranon, Chapel of La Doire 

de Seranon, F

Fall 2007 

Monaco stamp design - Centenary of Cap D'ail, F

Summer 2005 

MILOS - painted photograph project / volcanic island, Milos, Greece

2003 - 2008 

SOUL BATTLE - Chapel project for a 300m2 ceiling (details on request)

Spring 2002 

VENITE AD ME - Live performance of 3 months, a mural of 5 x 2,8 m created for the entrance of a Carmelite Chapel in the south of france

Spring 2001 

DESERT SPIRIT - painted photograph series project / 

Petra, Jordan

1999 - 2000 

HEAVENLY / EARTHLY KINGDOM - live performance at the Chapel of La Doire de séranon (F), built in 1646 A six months long hermit experience for a 7 x 6 m wide mural . France

Summer 1999 

VIDA CUBANA - painted photograph project / Havana, Cuba

Winter 1999 

SHY GLAM - live art performance on a a 5 meter long mural in the tower staircase of Schloss Bueckeburg, Germany

1994 - 1999 

Various private mural commissions in villas and castles across Europe

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