One of my first unity portraits emerged prior falling asleep in early 2008 and resembles that sketch. It's a holistic vision reminiscent of mankind's "dividing in order to reign", nurrished by frear's old patterns. On the other hand, this call humbly reminds me of The Dream of Martin Luther King, of Gandhi's practice of non-violence, and of Mandela endurance against the world's spirit of dualism.
    Jeanne Ricketts  iOS

Title " and this is Iraq " 2008

"Timeless & uncommon"


..swaying like a loose labyrinth or a web in it's own light & space, with interacting levels reflecting life: accumulating & losing all sorts of parts whilst unfolding into various new combinations of serendipity..In Your awesome presence, you tear & tilt our epicentre, expressing freedom to exist & coexist; feared by most, since all limitations are self-imposed. When brave hearts hear their call, they take the courage to leave the crowd and dive into their "holy land" transcending from ancestral wounds into life's redemption. Sacred experience in which all senses meet, by witnessing the birth of visions, You free those who embrace Your healing touch. As You're sculpturing our lives, we merge into life's spice! 
We'll stop, yet never end. We won't aim fame, we'll simply create faithfully in poverty.


"As it is in poverty that we have found great riches." - Omar KHAYYAM

 Title : human wave 2012